Sunday Morning

Small Group Bible Study – 9:30 am

Morning Worship – 10:45 am

Sunday Evening

Adult Choir Practice – 4:45 pm

Evening Worship Service – 6:00 pm

Wednesday Services

P2:5 Youth Ministry – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

AWANA Children’s Ministry – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Adult Prayer and Bible Study – 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Men’s Ministry 1st Wed of Month – 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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Welcome to PFBC

Powdersville Fist Baptist Church incorporated the ACTS ministry program in 2013. The ACTS program stands for an Amazing Church That Serves.

Each year the church hosts a ministry fair that displays the over 36 plus ministry areas that are available to the PFBC Friends and Family to use their gifts, talents, and abilities.

We believe that anything we think, say or do for the glory of God is an act of worship and we strive to create an atmosphere through the ACTS program that makes this possible. From greeters, nursery workers, ushers, and ministry areas to all ages and demographics PFBC offers ministry areas that allows all of the PFBC Friends and Family to fulfill God’s calling in their life.

For more information on ministry opportunities please stop by the welcome center or see one of our staff members the next time you worship with us in the place “Where Faith and Family Come First”.

Membership Information

PFBC is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention nationally, the South Carolina Baptist Convention within our state and the Piedmont Baptist Association locally.

We hold the Baptist Faith and Message and ask that any person desiring membership within our church family ascribe to this statement of faith.

Present Yourself for Membership

At the conclusion of our pastor’s sermon there will an invitation time where individuals may present themselves for membership.

We accept potential members by statement of faith in Christ, transfer of letter from another like minded church family, or by baptism.

Our pastor would prefer to meet with any potential member before hand to ensure they understand their salvation and the expectations as a member of PFBC.

We are not interested in building a church with more and more people we strive to help build the Kingdom of God with more and more Christ Followers.

Our Distinctives

PFBC strives to Learn, Live and Love as Christ did. We as a church FAMILY are learning, living, and loving together in our community and around the world by growing in His Word and in our obedeince to His Will for lives daily.

Fellowship of Faith

When we gather together there are many things that make us different and unique. Yet despite all of these we have one commonality, our faith. It is our faith in Christ that allows us to connect despite our differences.

Available to God’s Word

Whenever we gather God’s Word is what will be taught during this time. The opinions of man are just that, opinions, but the truth of God’s Word is the ultimate truth and we make ourselves available to His Holy Word.

Missions Minded

The Great Commission that Christ gave to the church is a commission that we strive to fulfill locally, within our state, within our country and around the world. The heart of the gospel is the reconciliation of man with God and we strive to take that good news with us where ever we go.

Intentional in our Worship

From Contemporary to Traditional styles of music we strive to have an intentional time of worship when we gather together. It is not an entertainment driven format but an intentional driven format to help those in attendance from the oldest to the youngest engage in corporate worship regardless of style or preference.

Loving our Neighbors

From our Free Community Meal on the Last Tuesday of the month, outreach events during the year, Good News Club at Powdersville Elementary School, mission projects to help those in need the Friends and Family of PFBC seek to recognize that “A need known, is an Opportunity Given” to love our neighbors

You are Important

With ministry areas for all ages, children, youth, men and women there is a place for everyone to made to feel that they are important. They are important to God and they are important to this church fellowship.